About mcmadley

mcmadley leather cases are designed and custom made for the individual that wants something “extra for their iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones”. The styling and design are created right here in the United States. mcmadley was started from the pure love of leather and unique creativity of cases that are just not found in retail or online channels.

As a boy growing up I would often stop by a leather shoe cobbler’s store near my home and can still smell the leather of Joe’s shop. I remember sticking my chin on the counter and seeing Joe hard at work in his shop but always having a kind word for the non-paying customer. To this day I enjoy the smell, feel, touch and condition of genuine leather and that is why mcmadley came to be.

I hope that you enjoy the genuine leather that mcmadely cases offer and please share any feedback on our feedback page. Also remember that genuine leather has unique characteristics and markings and no two cases are exactly the same, we hope that you will appreciate this as much as we enjoy the uniqueness of the brand and offering.


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